he company sells branded cosmetics Lambre. The company's product is one of the leaders in the market in terms of price and quality. For years, the company has increased sales due to regular customers and their acquaintances.

Lambre contacted us with the goal of digitalizing their business.

June 10, 2019
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The Brief

We approached thoroughly. Developed a new marketing strategy. One of the key points was to create a new site. Using customer preferences for dark tones, we developed a design. Together, we had conducted an inventory of the goods and added all of them to the new database.

Our Strategy

Now, product orders come from various lead generation sources. We involvedall the platforms that the company wanted to work with. The company received a unique design for the brand, setting up a quick connection setup with managers,as well as user-friendly and admin web-based system.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation,
hard work, and learning from failure.
– Paul Tournier

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  1. 16.11.2018

    This is a useful post for finding broken links within the website, what about links pointing outwards that are broken? I can use a free web service but wondered if this was possible.

  2. 16.11.2018

    Great tool! I am using a redirect plugin to send all my 404’s to my home page but I think it’s slacking sometimes. I noticed that some other sites have taken over my 404’s somehow.


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