Tovmed CP Clinic Ukraine is one of three clinics in the world and the only one outside United States that treat patients with cerebral palsy with surgical intervention. It also has its own Hotel-Boutique Tovmed class hotel.

May 15, 2018
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Our Strategy

The site provides for the users an opportunity of conveniently view of the services range from the main page.Conveniently located elements with information that maximally inform users of the resource.

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  1. 16.11.2018

    This is a useful post for finding broken links within the website, what about links pointing outwards that are broken? I can use a free web service but wondered if this was possible.

  2. 16.11.2018

    Great tool! I am using a redirect plugin to send all my 404’s to my home page but I think it’s slacking sometimes. I noticed that some other sites have taken over my 404’s somehow.


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